Primus GFS HACCP Training Requirements


One member of the HACCP team, should have a certificate of a formal  HACCP training from a recognized organization, institution or trainer with a minimum duration of 2 days or 16 hours, taken within the last 5 years. The rest of the team should have at least an internal training to make sure they are knowledgeable of the HACCP principles. These trainings should be documented.

A Business Case for On Line HACCP Training

HACCPtraining choice pros and cons

When it comes to HACCP training, Who? What? When? and How? are questions that have an ever-increasing variable of answers. Solutions such as outreach programs, consultants, classrooms, online and self-directed are only a few possibilities. Corporate culture will usually dictate how training is delivered but many are breaking with tradition and turning to online training for HACCP certification.