Who We Are

eHACCP is a training portal for food safety professionals. We are always looking to update and improve or current course offerings as well as create new courses for the food safety industry.

We're Looking

We are currently seeking a bilingual (spanish / english )IHA accredited HACCP trainer. You should be fluent in writing, speech and comprehension of the spanish language. Our focus is to provide online certified HACCP training to spanish speaking food safety people all around the world.


We are in the process of translating the course, 60,000 words, through Google translate. It is obvious that the content will require the expertise and finesse of a spanish speaking / reading / writing HACCP subject matter expert.

What We Offer

We offer a partnership with the selected candidate. Our LMS will host the course that we collaborate on and revenues would be shared accordingly. The partnership would last a minimum of 3 years.

If interested call (866) 488 1410 or email for more details.