What Are The Prerequisites For Developing A HACCP Plan?

HACCP prerequists

Operations such as regular cleaning and sanitation, and even proper handwashing to avoid cross – contamination, are all part of a bigger food safety program. As the term suggests, prerequisite programs must be satisfied to establish more complex food safety plans such as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Establishing correct prerequisite programs builds a solid foundation for other food safety plans and shows a firm commitment to protecting public health. These operations can significantly minimize the pressure on implementing food safety plans as the hazards are already addressed in the earlier stages of the production process.

What are the Advantages of HACCP?

Benifits of HACCP

Continuous improvement: HACCP is a continuous process, which means it is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that it is effective in controlling hazards. This helps to improve the overall safety of food products over time.