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Candice Brown
Food Safety Coordinator
GF Marketing & GF Farm Corp
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I had the chance to do courses through eHACCP.org. It was easy, at my own pace and time, affordable, and very informative. eHaccp.org provided me the tools I needed to understand and the certification I needed to not only understand the guidelines for my industry clearly but also implement those successfully in the company I work for. I enjoyed being able to go back through the course when I needed it as a refresher throughout the year. The customer service through eHACCP.org was top-notch, with clear, and professional communication back and forth for the questions I did have about the programs. I would recommend eHACCP.org to anyone that is looking to obtain needed educational, industry HACCP.
Amanda Daniels
Quality Control Manager
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My experience taking the HACCP for Food Processors and Manufacturers course was wonderful! It was well organized to help me understand and any questions I had were promptly answered. I would recommend taking this course to anyone looking to add value to their food processing company!!
James Liu
Vice President
United Cocoa Processor, Inc.
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Your HACCP training program has an FSMA updated approach, although it covers all basic HACCP concepts and principles. It contains much specific info such as kill time/temperature and other useful information on various pathogens. It also offers additional extra information to "dig deeper", which I found very informative. It provides a good understanding of how CGMP and PRPs can enforce food safety in a HACCP program, GFSI based. For sure, it is different from other traditional HACCP courses that I have taken in the past.
Joanne Camacho
Quality Manager
JP Packaging
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The HACCP course I took was a great course. I liked that there were test questions at the end of each section. I found it to be a very informative course. I did not have a food background so the topics were new to me, yet I only got one wrong on the final. I attribute that to the material as it was presented. I also think it was a plus that I had the training and certificate when I applied for a job at a food manufacturer and am now their QC Supervisor. I'm looking forward to taking another course in the near future.
Vince Kelly
Receiving Supervisor
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After going through the HACCP course, I found that the program was easy to use and very user friendly. The content was precise and I didn't feel overwhelmed. The material that was presented in this course was well crafted for individuals working in all departments of the food processing industry. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend for others. Thanks,
Robert Burt
EV Logistics Perishable
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I found the overall layout of the course very well done, easy to follow the fact that I was able to review my answers was extremely helpful. All in all given the scope of material that needed to be covered I found the entire experience very gratifying. I would and have recommended this course to my colleagues. Yours sincerely
Elizabeth Liddy
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Loved the course, and it is set up to make it easy to learn and succeed. Being able to listen to the course material instead of having to read makes it easy to play it and listen when you might have your hands full. The practice tests are excellent for testing your knowledge and being able to retake until you feel confident in your knowledge is a huge bonus. Price is unbeatable and easy to access. Will definitely recommend to all who need HACCP certification.
Angelo Ramunni
Creative Classic Foods Inc.
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The course taken was easy and informative. I along with 4 people in my company took it and we all felt it gave us the advantage in dealing with food safety in manufacturing. I still have 2 more employees that I would like to take the course if it is available in Spanish.The examples used as well as the simple lay-mans approach was extremely helpful.
David Salisbury
Safety, Health & Environmental Manager
Mondi Bags USA, LLC.
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I enjoyed the certified HACCP for Food Processors and Manufacturers Course information and the program was thorough and complete. Access was easy and the one time I needed customer service the response was quick and resolved my issue. Thank you for providing this valuable training.
Agisilaos Deligiannis
Production Supervisor
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I'm really happy with the certificate. The course was really helpful for understanding my work. It's turned out to be a very important tool for all of us in the food manufacturing industry.
Paige Wolfe
Sales & Marketing Manager
Honey Bunny
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I would highly recommend Stephen's HACCP course. Not only is Stephen a great HACCP teacher, but he is also prompt in his response time and easy to communicate with for customer service inquiries. The course was easy to follow and user friendly. This course met our company's requirements and I have come out of it with a firm understanding of HACCP.
Anthony Pescoran
Production Operations Manager
Yummy Acai
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The course was great, to be honest. It helped me have a better understanding of the precautions & safety to run our manufacturing facility.
Jimmy Morgan
Assistant Branch Manager
Restaurant Depot
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The course was great.
Doug Corns
Quality Lead Tech
Fort Dearborn Company
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I was filling a vacant Quality manager position until this past June and I am currently the HACCP leader here and information during the course has helped me proceed.  I have gone through three BRCGS Food Safety audits as the lead role and they have turned out well. HACCP sections completed with no issues. Learning more has helped my growth in our company. So this course was good for me in the end. No negativity from me at all. Thanks,
Gaynelle Hines Ihms
Hines Nut Company
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eHACCP course was all online, self-paced and very informative.  Being new to food safety I began with the 7 HACCP Principles and expanded from there.  Customer Service was extremely helpful when I had an issue with the software program.  eHACCP is a great resource!
Julius Tejada
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When I took the online course I was very happy because first of all, it's all manageable especially my time because I work 16hrs a day 7 days a week. Anyways I love it and I will highly recommend this to those who want to take a HACCP online class. 100% very good.
Trista Hunnewell
Quality Assurance Technician
Ascot Valley Foods
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I really enjoyed your HACCP course. It was easy to follow and understand. Very knowledgeable and I learned a lot. I would recommend to anyone to take your courses!! Thank you,
Santos Guevara
Ghirighelli Specialty Foods
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Thank you so much for the HACCP training course it was really easy and very clear. Thanks a lot.
Steven Wozniak
Food Safety Coordinator
James Burns & Sons Farms, Inc
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The online classes were very easy to understand and very user friendly. I appreciate the quick response. I have told our area's top Food Safety Consultant about how great the experience was and I believe it could help bring some more people to the website in the future.
Surjit Singh
General Manager Operations
Catered Events, Inc.
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eHACCP was easy to set up and use to learn about HACCP principles for certification. This company has made it very easy and simple for the average "Joe" to learn and certify for food production. The technology was very simple to use, the user interface is set up to access all information at a click of your mouse all from one main screen which leads to different modules. The content was satisfactory and then some. eHACCP provides enough knowledge base to learn about HACCP and also provide resources to use for designing and implementing a HACCP plan. Price is more than fair for what you get. Customer support is one to one ratio. They are quick to respond to emails and even answered my calls off hours, where do you get this type of service these days? They really want to help people learn HACCP. eHACCP is a company which is leading a path for others to follow by having online schooling for busy food production professionals. This company made it convenient for our operation to learn and implement the HACCP plan from your computer. This sure beats leaving your work to attend classes and get stuck in a room off-site with you losing money to learn something new. eHACCP is the way to go. Sincerely,
Vince Kelly
Receiving Supervisor
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After going through the HACCP course, I found that the program was easy to use and very user friendly. The content was precise and I did not feel overwhelmed. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend for others. Thanks,
Andy MacDougall
Safety Compliance Manager
Groupe Lafrance
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Our experience with eHACCP was great, from the easy sign up to a clear and direct training package. All of the criteria was up to date and was fairly priced. I will be passing along your site to my colleagues so they may also sign up for the training.
Edgar Vazquez
Restaurant Depot
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My position/title has many requirements to become an effective manager. The course was simple but logical in its structure. The team at eHACCP supported us through this experience and put me at ease and helped in successfully completing this course. I would recommend Stephen and his team to any company looking to certify their employees!! Have a great day and thank u for your help!
Yugadhi Ajoy
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I had a good experience with the HACCP certification course with your organization. Having this certification increases the potential for finding a job and hence, was useful from a professional perspective.
Thomas Musson
Dining By Design
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I found this HACCP course covered all the necessary topics required for safety and sanitation within the food production industry and it also covered other subjects that were not required but prepared me for situations that may come up further along in my career, I highly recommend this course to anyone within the foodservice industry.

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