About eHACCP

eHACCP.org is an online HACCP training and food safety training site for food manufacturers, processors, producers, water bottlers, and anyone working in the food industry.

Our partner subject matter experts come from industry and government to ensure that the online training courses meet and exceed the minimum requirements of both regulatory and industry entities. 

eHACCP.org develops, authors, and supports content in associations with food safety consultants, USDA and FDA inspectors, university outreach and extension coordinators, veterinarians, biochemists, biologists, business owners, and operators, instructional designers, and many other professionals whose goal is to develop and create content that promotes the strongest food safety posture for less money.

A collaboration of passion and expertise drives the development of high-quality training material and supporting documentation.

Mission Statement: To deliver high-quality, effective, and economical training solutions to food safety people when they want it and where they want it.

eHACCP.org continues to develop courses that answer the training requirements set out by the FDA, USDA, and GFSI Scheme requirements. If there is a course that you are interested in taking and is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to either develop it, source it, or partner up and create it as a partnership.

Online HACCP Certification. HACCP courses are certified by HACCP certified trainers and recognized by the International HACCP Alliance. Food safety training courses that support HACCP, FSMA, FSEP, and GFSI requirements.

Food safety starts with food safety training. Knowing starts by learning and staying sharp means revisiting and practicing.

Online HACCP certification, training, prerequisite, and other food safety training resources are designed to advance your food safety posture. HACCP courses that meet with GFSI and the Codex Alimentarius requirements for Intro to HACCP training with a certificate from the International HACCP Alliance.

Fresh produce industries, manufacturers, processors, water bottlers, meat and poultry, food importers, and distributors of all sizes benefit from these online resources. Courses, documents, and support to help achieve HACCP and GFSI scheme certification.

These food safety training courses and resources, expert advice, and seasoned auditors, inspectors, and trainers are in line to help you meet FDA, USDA, FSEP, and most GFSI scheme requirements.

Save time and money. Access the courses whenever you want, from wherever you are. Start learning in the next 5 minutes with our easy access LMS.