How to allow Pop-Ups for

We use pop-up windows to create a better user experience. Some internet service providers, browsers, and firewalls (including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) have components that block pop-up windows from opening, which will interfere with many of our online resources. If you’re using any pop-up blocking software, simply disable pop-up blocking while using

Try holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on a course module. This will force the browser to display pop-up windows. If this does not resolve the issue, please try the suggestions below:

Internet Explorer:

  1. Click the ‘Tools’ button  
  2. Click ‘Internet Options’
  3. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab
  4. Under the pop-up Blocker section, click ‘Settings’
  5. Add to the allow list
  6. Click Close then OK

Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Chrome Menu  
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Click ‘Show advanced settings’
  4. Under the Privacy section, click ‘Content settings’ button
  5. Under the Pop-ups section, click ‘Manage Exceptions
  6. Add to the allow list
  7. Click Done


  1. Click the Firefox button 
  2. Click on ‘Options’
  3. Select the ‘Content’ tab
  4. To the right of ‘Block pop-up windows’ click ‘Exceptions
  5. Add to the allow list
  6. Click Close then OK


  1. Click the Safari button
  2. Pull down the “Safari” menu
  3. Select “Preferences”
  4. Select the “Websites” tab
  5. Click on “Pop-Up Windows” from the left side menu
  6. Select then click the dropdown selection menu and choose “Allow”
  7. Close Safari Preferences

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact the eHACCP team at or call (866) 488-1410.