HACCP Training for Corporations

You’ve been tasked to source HACCP training for your company, you have 5 or more (unlimited) employees who require HACCP training and certification, you’d like to save time and money while providing the best training possible so that you will pass your next audit. We can help.

Our HACCP courses are accredited by the International HACCP Alliance, are 18 hours long, examinable, and will meet with USDA, FDA, and GFSI training requirements for HACCP and SSOPs (21 CFRs 416 & 417). Your employees will be able to create, verify, and sign HACCP documentation.

Trusted by Large Brands and Small Companies Alike

We have been successfully training large and very large corporate clients for over 14 years. By “successfully”, we mean we get our clients’ employees to finish their courses in line with our clients’ time and budget constraints.

Those who don’t finish can have their enrollment credited to another employee. We don’t let your training dollars go to waste.

We also offer volume discounts for teams!  If you have 5 or more employees we offer a 20% discount.

Ask for your Corporate Coupon Code

  • Save 20% each time your company enrolls a student
  • Share the coupon code with clients, suppliers, and partners and earn credits to applied to your organization.
  • Email or call for your coupon code and we’ll set it up for you immediately.

Optional Onboarding Template: Fill in your employees’ details and we can begin importing them into the platform for you.


for Business

Our flexible multi-tenant architecture is designed to help companies deploy training to their employees through complex direct reporting structures, managers, and supervisors.

Powerful reporting tools also provide management with accountability capabilities to ensure that safety training is being adhered to.

Bring HACCP certified training to your teams through this innovative tool for compliance standards, but also to deliver a better final product to your customers to maintain brand loyalty.

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