HACCP and the BRC Scheme


HACCP is a requirement under BRC. Being HAACP certified is a preliminary step that cannot be overlooked. BRC is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked food safety standard covering food safety and management of product quality in food packing and processing operations.

Why is HACCP So Important


By implementing HACCP, food producers can take proactive steps to prevent food safety issues before they occur, rather than simply reacting to them after they have happened. This can help to protect consumers from foodborne illness..

What are the 12 Steps of HACCP?

12 steps of haccp

HACCP, which stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a systematic approach to food safety that is used to identify and control potential hazards in food production and preparation. The 12 steps of HACCP are as follows:

What are the GMPs to HACCP?


GMPs are an important element of a food safety plan and are often used in conjunction with HACCP HACCP is a food safety management system that is used to identify and prevent potential hazards in the food production process, while GMPs focus on the overall cleanliness and operation of the facility.